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                                   September 10, 2004
Just in-case anyone was wondering, we are still around. We are still in the process of trying out vocalists. Not really that much time to update the site because its very slow. Until then go to and New Illusion and live version of Black Star are available for downloading.
Fallprey is currently in search of a vocalist. We are looking for a male or female that will fit with the same style of music that we play. There is very little screaming involved. Ages 18-22 or exceptions. You will need transportation (we practice in Southgate). Full dedication (we will need this to be your priority band). We will need you at every practice (Wednesday, Saturday...sometimes Thursdays also). We have a PA but if you have anything you would like to bring out do so. Good positive attitude is a plus. If you are interested contact any of the band members by going to the contacts page of the site.
    -Thank you